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Staff of 121 Animal Therapy

Jane Bannatyne


I have always lived with dogs and had a keen interest in them and many other animals. Since 1986 we have kept Golden Retrievers that have been rescued, keeping one to three on a permanent basis. We have also fostered countless others until suitable homes were found for them.

Due to the number of elderly dogs, obese dogs and dogs with injuries that have lived with us, I have been intrigued with the potential of hydrotherapy to benefit them. After discussing the idea with Lisa, whose details are below, I decided it was time to open an animal therapy centre in the Chichester area specialising in all types of hydrotherapy. It took months of searching for suitable sites before finally deciding to apply to change the use of my garage.

While setting up the premises I took an Open College Network Level Three Diploma course in Hydrotherapy which gave me theoretical training and practical experience. Since then I have studied and obtained an ABC Level Three Certificate in Hydrotherapy and an IRVAP Level Three Diploma in Aqua and Hydrotherapy. I have studied dog behaviour to Open College Network Level Three and do regular training in relevant topics. I have also completed a canine first aid course which I update every two years. At the moment I am studying to try and gain my CCRP (Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner) qualification with the University of Tennessee and Schloss Seminars. I hope that the greater my knowledge and skillset, the more beneficial it will be to the animals I treat.

Kenny Hall

I have lived with dogs since I was a child and am interested in training them too. Many moons ago I used to train spaniels as working dogs. Through our rescue dogs I have learnt how much benefit a hydrotherapy unit could provide for the animals owned by local residents.

I have trained and qualified in water management to ensure the water quality of our pool is first class. I have also qualified in canine first aid.

Lisa Robinson

Lisa and Toby.


I am a registered veterinary nurse with over 20 years experience in small animal practice. A few years ago I attended a lecture on veterinary physiotherapy and was hooked.

In 2004 I gained a post graduate certificate in Veterinary physiotherapy and qualified as a member of the National Association Of Veterinary Physiotherapists ( NAVP ).

When Jane told me she was thinking of starting a canine hydrotherapy centre I was really excited as I have struggled to find suitable facilities to refer patients to, as hydrotherapy is one of the most effective parts of a physiotherapy plan.

I am even more excited at the prospect of being part of 121 Animal Therapy, a centre for complimentary canine therapy, enabling us to not only help owners and pets but to assist each other too.

Suzannah Stacey


BSc, BVM&S MRCVS, CertVetAcu (ABVA 2004)



I qualified from Edinburgh Vet School in 2004, and undertook the two year Association British Veterinary Acupuncturists Certificate course in Acupuncture shortly after graduating. Over the last 7 years, I have focused on specializing in acupuncture, treating mainly dogs, cats and horses. I find the choice of acupuncture to be a great way to focus on achieving the best quality of life for pets with all manner of conditions and diseases. My acupuncture practice, The Veterinary Acupuncture Referral Centre is a registered specialist practice, and I am a member of the Association British Veterinary Acupuncturists.

My aim is to ensure that all owners have the option of choosing this wonderful, gentle form of holistic medical care for their pets; treatment costs are 46 per appointment.

I look forward to meeting both you and your pets in the future.

Ashleigh Eltze




I studied Veterinary Science in South Africa from 1992 to 1998 and have been practising in the UK ever since. I have always been interested in acupuncture and studied it the moment a course became available in the UK with the ABVA (Association of British Veterinary Acupuncturists - www.ABVA.co.uk). I completed the course in Jan 2005 and am registered with the ABVA. Since then I have treated mostly dogs, but also a few cats.

I work in a veterinary surgery for two days a week and do acupuncture clinics for two to three days a week. I am also very interested in other alternative therapies and am currently studying Herbal Veterinary Medicine in Oxford.

I look forward to meeting you all in the future.

Vav Simon



Vav, who is the Clinical Director of The Isle of Wight Natural Therapy Centre for Animals, will hold a monthly clinic at 121 Animal Therapy.

Vav has been healing since she can remember being on her uncle's farm as a little girl. While the other children were asked to find the chicken's eggs or clean the horses' tack, she would be given the broken animals to fix. "She's got the way with her", they said. Ever since, she has had horses, dogs and cats of her own. Usually, they would find their own way to her, needing care and healing, and would then stay.

Vav trained in massage and then chiropractic to become a freelance professional. She rapidly became known for her direct manner and her answer to skepticism about natural therapies from both owners and professionals. Some of the secrets of her success lie in her use of all her senses, her long experience of the 'situations' that develop with animals, and her acute understanding of the animals themselves.





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