We only treat animals for treatment referred by your veterinary surgeon. If you want your pet referred by your veterinary surgeon, please check our our referral information for owners.

Most dogs can swim naturally, though some breeds swim better than others and some individual dogs may take longer than usual to introduce to the water, so we introduce them slowly and patiently.

Of course. Call us and we'll ask your veterinary surgeon to fill in the referral form for you. 

Hydrotherapy may be unsuitable for treating some nervous or aggressive dogs and for treating certain medical conditions or diseases. We'll always seek guidance from your veterinary surgeon when drawing up a therapy plan for your pet to ensure the treatment is appropriate.

Unlike horses, which need cold water because they generate much body heat, dogs need warm water. Swimming them in cold water would constrict their blood vessels and rob their muscles of blood and oxygen, risking pain and muscle strain. Unfortunately for much of the year in the United Kingdom, water in the sea, lakes, rivers or streams is cold. This means swimming in natural waters is not usually therapeutic. The water in our pool ranges from 25 to 40 degrees C. Such a temperature range encourages the blood vessels to open and oxygen to flow to the extremities, so providing the needed therapeutic effect.

We'll be happy to answer it. Just go to our contact page to give us a phone call or send an email.