At 121 Animal Therapy we have a full range of hydrotherapy equipment specially designed for animals by leading suppliers of canine hydrotherapy equipment. Our aim is to improve the land based mobility of the dogs who come to us, with the treatment we give them.

Hydrotherapy Pool

The hydrotherapy pool is 3m x 3.8m x 1.2m. It has an entry ramp on the outside and a stainless steel one inside leading into the pool. The temperature is kept between 28 and 31 degrees C. The water supports the dog's body weight but also provides resistance. Thus the dog's limbs and muscles are exercised even if the dog cannot support its weight while out of the water. To increase the dog's muscular activity we can turn on swim jets which exert even greater resistance than the still water provides. To make sure we don't overdo the treatment, everything we do is timed.  Please be aware that the first few sessions will be brief, and the treatment will be gradually increased.  The amount each session increases by will depend on a combination of the dog and the condition being treated.  Hydrotherapy in the pool also benefits cats in the same way it benefits dogs.  The pool is very effective for a cardiovascular workout.

The spa is made by Westcoast and has a floor that we can raise or lower in order to accommodate all small and medium dogs, and also many of the larger breeds.  We keep the spa at 34 to 36 degrees C to provide an even heat which relaxes the dog's muscles. The warmth helps dogs who suffer with chronic pain from conditions such as arthritis. The water jets stimulate and water massage the skin and promote improved blood circulation.  Sometimes it is used as a standalone treatment, but it is very often used for a post workout warm down.

Hydrotherapy Spa

We keep the spa at 34 to 36 degrees C to provide an even heat which relaxes the dog's muscles. The warmth helps dogs who suffer with chronic pain from conditions such as arthritis. It also has water jets to stimulate the skin and promote improved blood circulation.

Water Walker(Under water treadmill)

The underwater treadmill is made by Aqua Tread. It is a 2.3m machine which has the longest usable belt of any treadmill in the UK, allowing us to be able to treat all dogs from the largest of the giant breeds to the smallest of the toy breeds.  It has a door at each end so spinal cases do not need to turn or back out, additional resistance jets and an incline or decline facility, any of which can be used if it is deemed to be appropriate for the individual.  Like the pool, we keep the temperature at 28 to 31 degrees C and the water supports the dog's body weight. We can adjust the water level from the equivalent of dry land to the equivalent of swimming in the sea. The walker speed can be set at the most suitable speed for your dog to help it improve gait, muscle strength and stability. The ability to fine tune all the variables including speed and depth enables us to have fine control over your dog's muscular exertion and to make each treatment session suitable for that dog on that specific day. 


We have an electric hoist, which is suspended from the ceiling inside the hydrotherapy centre. Using this to lift dogs into the pool or spa can be stressful for the individual so we prefer to lift them manually. We do keep it in case of an emergency to enable us to safely lift a large dog out of the pool in case of an epileptic fit or similar.


We ask that dogs are clean when they arrive. However, we always rinse off any loose hairs or dirt in the shower before each dog swims. Once the therapy session is complete, we'll rinse off the chemicals used for water treatment.


We have a professional "blaster dryer" for drying the dogs. However, it can be noisy and will not be suitable for dogs of a nervous disposition or dogs afraid of the sound of a vacuum cleaner. We dry the dogs as well as possible before they leave.  Please bring you own towel and or dog coat, especially when it is cold outside, so they do not catch chills.


Life Jackets All animals coming to us for hydrotherapy treatment wear Ruffwear 5 point harnesses which we have in a range of sizes. We aim to get them to use their muscle groups as normally as possible, so under normal circumstances do not use lifejackets, but we do have them available if it is appropriate. We have a range to fit small, medium and large animals. Even if they are excellent swimmers, they are with us for therapeutic reasons and the environment is strange to them. It is not the same as swimming in the sea, a lake or a river.

The Water

Without water there would be no hydrotherapy! To keep the water in top condition we check it at least three times a day when we're open. After each test, we add any chemicals that the test indicates are needed. We also employ an independent company (Kingfisher Environmental Services Ltd) to do bacteriological tests on the water on a monthly basis.

Dry Treadmill

The Dry Treadmill Our new Dry Room which houses our Dry Treadmill is available to hire. It has the ability to target specific muscle groups to get your dog into top show or performance condition. Try a course on the Dry Treadmill to improve their ranking. Includes flatwork, uphill and downhill work. Suitable for Chihuahuas to Terriers, Spaniels to Collies, Labradors to Schnauzers, Greyhounds to Great Danes, Wolfhounds to Newfoundlands.

The Aquamed 100 Dry Hydrotherapy Massage Bed

The Dry Hydrotherapy Massage Bed is for humans!  "Dry" Hydrotherapy VeraflexTM technology is the result of continuous effort to develop the most resilient and comfortable barrier between patient and water, which maximizes the treatment value.  It offers 10 pressure settings ranging from 2 pounds per square inch (low pressure) to 16 pounds per square inch (high pressure). The AM 100's Personal Therapy ControlTM system allows for the highest level of Dry Hydrotherapy treatment customization. The pressure, duration, and target treatment settings may be adjusted to meet any client's needs. 36 programs are available to treat common symptoms.