The cost of each half hour hydrotherapy session is £35 However, the first session will be longer as we take a full history and try to introduce the animal slowly to new surroundings. The time spent swimming is initially very short, but increases as the animal progressively builds up strength. This price applies irrespective of which item or items of equipment are being used. You may pre-book a block of 11 sessions for £350, giving you a saving of £35.

Our veterinary nurse will give each animal a "pre therapy check" on the first visit.

There is a charge of £35 for pet defecation. Do not feed for at least two hours before, and at least two hours after hydrotherapy.

Contact your insurers to see if they will cover your costs.

We accept block bookings.

At present we accept: Cash, Cheques with a cheque card, Paypal and also Bank Transfer, but do not currently accept credit or debit cards.

Payment is the owner's responsibility and must be made prior to treatment.

Occasionally for everyone’s safety, we may consider it necessary for a dog to be muzzled when it is here for treatment.

In Memory of Suzannah Stacey RIP

Died 23/01/2018


Suzannah Stacey

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