SuzannahI really can't believe that you've gone. Far too young to leave us, but no doubt your services were needed more elsewhere.

Having worked with and alongside Suzannah for the last 7 years, I came to know her as a very clever lady, having completed 2 degrees, followed by a further 2 years studying veterinary acupuncture. Her knowledge was immense and she would invariably know the correct answer.

She was always kind and caring, and would always presume the best not the worst of people. When it came to animals she loved being able to help them - not just as she did in her role as an acupuncturist, but also with her own pets who she rescued from various different sources.

She had quite a variety before I met her, but only had "Oliver the most handsome dog in the world" when she first started working at 121. We then introduced her to Daisy - a Border terrier who had had spinal surgery, whose owners were unable to keep her - who then joined Suzannah's family.

Once she lost Daisy she spoke to me about fostering a podenco - I warned her that she would probably end up keeping it - "no I won't" - and then Lucy arrived and also moved into her bed on the 1st day! She would bring the dogs for their hydro sessions and a catch up and would always need to have tea with cake or biscuits - preferably chocolate, which was also necessary when she treated our dogs! Last year she really got the "pod bug", starting fund raising here, increasing her own family with Elsa & Eleanor and then to Gran Canaria and Spain where she joined forces with Irene and Steve.
I was disappointed (out of concern for her and also out of selfishly not wanting to lose her from here) to hear she was leaving us to move to Spain and set up the new rescue centre over there.

She assured me that it was her new passion and that she felt she had to pursue the dream, as soon as she and Irene had found the site. We genuinely wished her the best for the future and were glad to hear that things were progressing well. As with everyone else I couldn't believe my ears when I heard the news. We all miss you Suzannah - 2 and 4 legged friends and family - and have to say it was a pleasure to have had you as a friend and colleague. You will always be with us in spirit, and in our hearts.

Jane, Kenny and All at 121

Below are a couple of excerpts from facebook:

Last Tuesday night our wonderful, quirky Suzannah left us; her death sudden and shocking and infinitely premature as she had so much to still offer the Podencos in Gran Canaria who had stolen her heart. Suz and I first found friendship over our love of Oldies and I fell for my girl Minx in Banaderos; I was impressed and motivated by her fire and drive for the GC pods and started working for her and now that she has gone I will continue on her behalf although her shoes are difficult to fill.
It seems wrong that at such a heartbreaking time I need to talk about finances; it seems disrespectful BUT I know for a fact that Suz would be exasperated and shout "come on! get on with it! we are saving lives here".....I can hear her in my head....
So here is where we are at: WE NEED YOUR HELP URGENTLY as we have Residence fees and bills for 23 pods in GC and others in Spain with Irene and no way of paying for them this month or until Suzannah's estate is settled.  For now we have no access to any accounts either paypal or bank, no access to 100 Club funds and no access in the short term to lists of sponsors and regular donators. So please if you regularly sponsor or donate to us come forward NOW and contact me personally Jules Daultry by PM. If you pay into paypal or the bank please stop this and pay via one of the following ways: 
Paypal - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. REF. STGCP RESI FEES or direct to the Residence (Sabine) This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. REF. STGCP RESI FEES. If you would like to donate via the bank for Resi I can send you the details if you PM me.
If you would like to make a donation in Suzannah's name please message us on this page Saving the Gran Canaria Podencos.
And if you would like to adopt one of our lovely Pods please PM Irene Allan at Hope for Podencos.
As I am sure you can imagine there are a million things to do and I am playing catch up so please bear with me as I am also trying to move house in the UK. I will try my very best to keep you updated regularly. 
Thank you so much for all of your wonderful messages of condolence and support and I know that Suz would want me to say "Thank you, thank you" on behalf of all the Pods you have helped to save so far and will continue to save in the future. Your support and love for these wonderful dogs will carry on Suzannah's legacy.

Jules Daultry STGCP Trustee 
with Stef Wreyford STGCP Trustee

SUZANNAH STACEY ...... what can I say that many of you have not already said .The podencos have lost one of their shining stars. I became friends with Suzannah in 2015 when she adopted Lucy. Then in 2016 she asked me if I could foster any podencos from Gran Canaria and we said no as at the time we didnt really have the space. But watching the group that Suzannah had started. Saving the Gran Canaria Podenco I then could see the despair of these dozens of pods in the kill shelter I decided to help with taking two at a time .
In a short time I flew to GC to see for myself and Suzannah and I chatted and we decided together we would get as many out as we could.
There was no stopping Suzannah and I’m sure if she had had her way we would have had every podenco on the island of Gran Canaria to the mainland . 
Suzannah moved to Spain November 2017 to help set up a podenco centre and for the last two months we have experienced one of the coldest winters where we are and the Canarios hate the cold most of all.
Suzannah showed no signs of illness and was constantly making plans.

On Tuesday afternoon we had friends from Air Europa who brought a pod to us from Majorca and that evening Suzannah had arranged to go out to meet some friends who were arranging a handy man to do some work for us.  She had a lovely time they said laughing, joking and planning .
Sadly Suzannah never made it home that night.  She died suddenly in her car minutes after she got in it. Today we got the autopsy results and Suzannah had a Aneurysm and died quickly and would have not suffered.
There is a lot of paperwork to fix out to do with the centre and when I know more I will let you know .
We will continue with Suzannahs dream if we can.
R.I.P my friend you are badly missed and I can’t believe you have gone .
Another star in the sky keeping our 6 babies and Hector company taken too soon when you had so much do do .....Oliver .Lucy .Elsa and Eleanor send huge woofs xxxxx

You can make a donation in Suzannah's name using either of the following:

By PayPal to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Bank account for BACS is Saving The GC Podencos at:

BANK ACCOUNT: 65795347

SORT CODE: 08-92-99